Battlerite official artwork without logo

Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions, and much like its predecessor its a highly skill-based and team-oriented PvP brawler. It went completely free-to-play a little while ago, and much to my delight it has managed to consistently remain in the top 20 most popular games on Steam ever since.

This is unlikely to change any time soon as the recently introduced Prehistoric Mania update has added a whole bunch of new cosmetics to collect, as well as some much needed balance changes. And speaking of cosmetics, you might be glad to hear that there is currently an ongoing quest that gives you access to two slightly different dinosaur mounts: the Peaceful Triceratops for 25 completed matches, and the Enraged Triceratops for 65 completed matches. It's important to mention that you don't have to actually win 65 matches in order to get both mounts, simply finishing them is enough.

Battlerite screenshot of the two Triceratops mounts that came with the Prehistoric Mania update

The peaceful one sure is looking quite snide

Much like the previous events, you can grab the rest of the cosmetics through either loot boxes or by purchasing them with in-game currency. However, unlike the somewhat misguided Halloween event, these loot boxes will be replacing the extremely common Silver Chests and will guarantee at least one Rare and one Prehistoric item. So unless you're looking for all of the legendary items you should be perfectly fine without spending any money at all.

As for the balance changes, there aren't really drastic, but they should help sort out some of the more annoying heroes. You'll find the full details, as well as more information about the Prehistoric Mania update, by heading over to Steam. Have fun with the dinosaurs!