Back 4 Blood artwork for the new Tunnels of Terror characters

[Update]: The Tunnels of Terror expansion has now arrived, and I'm happy to say that it has brought with it some excellent quality-of-life improvements.

After a couple of updates mostly focused around rebalancing the combat, the Back 4 Blood team has now finally set their sights on new content. As such, you can expect to see Tunnels of Terror, the very first of the planned DLCs, arrive this April 12, 2022 for both PC and consoles.

While the details are few and far between, Tunnels of Terror will bring with it three new zombie variants (the Ripper, Shredder and Urchin), as well as two new Cleaners: Sharice who seems to be a firefighter and is likely to be melee focused, as well as Heng who looks like a fisherman or some sort of outdoorsy type and will probably have a support role.

You can also expect to see Ridden Hives as an all-new PvE activity, eight new exclusive skins, as well as a bunch of new cards, legendary weapons, and other assorted items to collect. Unfortunately, what Tunnels of Terror doesn't appear to be adding is any sort of new maps or additional campaigns to help keep things fresh and interesting.

Personally, that last part has deflated pretty much all excitement I had for this expansion as I don't particularly care about side-modes or cosmetics, though I am willing to at least give it a closer look in order to see just what this new Ridden Hives activity is all about. After all, there's always a chance it might end up being amazing!

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once the Back 4 Blood team finally releases a gameplay preview. Until then, I'm afraid all we can do is sit and wait.