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[Update]: Back 4 Blood's Tunnels of Terror expansion is coming this April 12, 2022 with new characters and enemies.

While Back 4 Blood is a good game at its very core, it unfortunately has a whole bunch of bugs and issues that can make playing it feel downright frustrating. Nowhere is this more noticeable than with the Special Ridden as not only are they remarkably tanky on Veteran and Nightmare difficulties, but they also spawn in such numbers that often the best strategy is to blaze through the levels as quickly as possible to minimize encounters, which just isn't all that fun.

So in order to sort these problems out, as well as fix a whole slue of other balance issues, Turtle Rock Studios will be releasing a rather chunky update later today. First and foremost, the update will not only add a cooldown to Special Ridden to prevent them from doubling or even tripling up, but it will also tweak all three of the difficulty settings to make the jump between them a lot less jarring!

To better balance the different playstyles, the update will also nerf many of the 'speedrunning' cards that increase speed and stamina efficiency, while simultaneously buffing previously undesirable cards that promote a more slow and steady playstyle. Under the new system going fast through levels should still be possible if everyone is on the same page, but trying to do it solo will be a fair bit trickier than before in order to encourage more teamplay, especially among random teammates.

Besides a whole assortment of similar changes and balance tweaks to both the players and enemies, the update will also bring with it a bunch of festive new character and weapon skins to unlock. If you're interested in all of the details behind the new additions, you can find the full patch notes over at the Back 4 Blood website.

The final thing worth mentioning is that the Back 4 Blood team has a public Trello board where you can follow their progress on new features, including a brand new difficulty mode! Nothing is set in stone just yet so don't get too surprised if things don't pan out or even shift around with time, but even with all of that in mind I'd say it's still nice to get a little peek behind the curtains.

Enjoy, and here's to hoping today's update goes over without a hitch!