Apex Legends artwork showing Loba and the various Legends

[Update #2]: Respawn has now detailed how the story-focused Quests will work in Season 5!

[Update]: Season 5's newest preview shows off Loba, massive Kings Canyon changes, and even the new quest system!

While it has been slightly delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, Apex Legends' Season 5 and its accompanying update are nearly upon us. Once they arrive on May 12th you can expect to see Loba as a brand new character, a variety of changes to Kings Canyon, a brand new Battle Pass and quest system, as well as numerous new cosmetics to collect.

The details are still few and far between, but you can get a little bit of a sneak peek at Loba's abilities, as well as some Kings Canyon changes, through the newly posted trailer. Have a look, it's a pretty fun one:

When it comes to Loba's abilities, nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, but judging by the trailer it does appear that the recent leaks have been correct. As such, expect Loba to be able to teleport around by throwing her bracelet, passively see loot and items through walls, and for her ultimate, vacuum up all of the nearby items into a convenient pile nearby.

Even though the ability to teleport is always fun, I must admit I'm not exactly smitten with the idea of Loba being so focused around looting. After all, looting is something you mostly do in the early game, with the mid-late game being primarily dedicated to picking a good position and getting into fights. So having the ability to acquire even more loot doesn't sound all that amazing, but who knows, maybe it'll be able to vacuum up all of the various death boxes - now that would be impressive given how many times you could swap armor mid-fight!

Whatever the case may be, expect to see a full reveal of Loba and the Kings Canyon changes in the near future. Until then, I'll leave you with one of the earlier story trailers. Enjoy!