Apex Legends Season 14 screenshot of the new sniper-focused legend Vantage

[Update]: Season 15 has now arrived with Catalyst as a brand new Legend, the sizable Bad Moon map and a bunch of improvements.

After experimenting with different maps and gameplay ideas, for Season 14 Apex Legends has decided to return to where things began all those years ago - Kings Canyon. In order to sort out some of the long-standing criticisms about the map, including things like bad loot pools and the constant threat of being third-partied, the Apex Legends team has now once again reworked and expanded parts of the map.

Skull Town has been reborn as a part of the new Relic point of interest, while some of the classic locations like Hillside and Relay have been reshuffled in order to make them more interesting to fight in. Various pathways through the map have also been removed in order to make rotations more meaningful, while the loot quantity and quality across the map has been tweaked in an effort to avoid everyone dropping in exactly the same locations.

What these updated locations look like in-game, that you can get a little bit of a sneak peek at through the gameplay trailer below. Have a gander:

As you might have noticed from the preview, Season 14 has also brought with it a brand new Legend - Vantage. Her abilities are all focused around dealing damage from medium to long range, so if you're a fan of snipers and being a massive nuisance to campers, she'll be right up your alley!

What her abilities actually do, as well as what her personality is even all about, that you can find out through the character trailer:

Naturally, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Season 14 has also once again tweaked the ranked formula, rebalanced a variety of weapons and Legends, as well as added some nice quality-of-life improvements. There's far too much to easily summarize, so if you're interested in all of the details you can check out the full list of changes over at the official patch notes.

Have fun with the new stuff!