Apex Legends artwork for the new legend Catalyst in Season 15

[Update]: Apex Legends' Spellbound update is bringing back Control, buffing the Sentinel and adding a bunch of new cosmetics.

A brand new Apex Legends season has just arrived, and as is tradition, it has brought with it a whole bunch of new toys to play around with. First and foremost, Season 15 - Eclipse has added a brand new Legend by the name of Catalyst. She is capable of manipulating ferrofluids in order to create environmental hazards, seal off doors and even erect a massive wall of goop that can split the battlefield in half and blind anyone foolish enough to try to push through it. 

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, allow me to share with you Catalyst's character trailer. It should clue you in quite quickly on just what Catalyst and her abilities are all about. Have a peek:

Besides the fancy new Legend, Season 15 has also brought in Apex Legends' fifth map - Broken Moon. True to its name, the Broken Moon is a floating chunk of rock filled with all sorts of science facilities to fight over and numerous zip lines that will get you into the action as quickly as possible. Broken Moon is also comparable in size to World’s Edge, so with a bit of luck, the map should remain fresh and exciting for a long time to come.

Apex Legends has also taken this opportunity to add two new features into the mix: gifting and stickers. The first is exactly what you think it is - the ability to buy your friends various items from the in-game store, though with a couple of small restrictions in order to prevent abuse. As for the stickers, they are a new cosmetic that you can apply to your healing items in order to help distract yourself from the fact that you're down to five HP in the middle of a firefight!

You can learn more about these additions, as well as check out all of the balance changes accompanying Season 15, over at the official patch notes. Enjoy, and I'll leave you with the gameplay trailer: