Chasm: The Rift late 90s boomer shooter official key artwork for remaster

[Update]: The remastered version of Chasm: The Rift has now arrived, and it looks like it has the approval of the dev behind Dusk!

Instead of an announcement for a fancy new boomer shooter, today I have something a bit different to share with you - a modern remaster of a very old one! More specifically, an improved version of the 1997 first-person shooter Chasm: The Rift is heading over to PC via Steam and GOG at some point this October 2022.

The Chasm remaster will bring with it enhanced graphics, support for modern resolutions, improved sound design, as well as the usual batch of Steam features like achievements. What all of this looks like in action, however, that you can find out through the trailer below. Have a gander:

I've not played Chasm: The Rift myself so I don't know how well it actually holds up, especially these days with a plethora of modern boomer shooters acting as its competition, but I have played a ton of Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason from the same developers. It was a janky experience and it crashed on me frequently, but it was also enthralling enough that even a decade later I instantly remembered both its name and the studio that made it. So if Chasm is even slightly comparable, I'd recommend at least giving it a closer look.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about Chasm: The Rift and its upcoming remaster over at Steam. Enjoy!

Chasm: The Rift late 90s boomer shooter screenshot of ogre-like enemies