Death's Gambit screenshot of a boss fight with the logo in the corner

[Update #2]: The good news doesn't stop there as Death's Gambit is also getting its very first paid expansion on February 10, 2022!

[Update]: I bring good news - Death's Gambit is getting a massive free expansion!

Death's Gambit is a Dark Souls inspired action-platformer with a focus on challenging combat and RPG-style customization. As you might imagine from that description alone, you'll spend a lot of your time wondering across an uncaring world riddled with loot, dodging enemy attacks and striking only when the time is right, and naturally, endlessly dying until you finally figure out the boss' patterns.

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It'll give you a pretty darn good idea of what sort of style and tone Death's Gambit is going for, as well as what sort of gameplay you can expect to see. The trailer is also quite awesome in its own right, so I'd highly recommend you check it out:

While I would love to give you a detailed review of Death's Gambit given that it seems right up my alley, I'm afraid Monster Hunter: World and Battle for Azeroth have consumed most of my free time, so take the following with a few grains of salt as it all comes from the reviews and opinions I've read online. That said, is Death's Gambit any good? Well, from what I can figure out it's a fairly enjoyable, albeit somewhat short and buggy game. It also appears to suffer from some clunky controls, though I've read conflicting reports on this. The one thing pretty much everyone agrees with, however, is that the presentation is downright excellent!

As for whether Death's Gambit is worth buying, I'm afraid that is a question I simply cannot answer without actually playing it myself. What I will say, however, is that it seems interesting enough to be at least worth a closer look.

So if you're interested, do make sure to visit Steam in order to learn more. Have fun!