Death's Gambit - Ashes of Vados artwork and logo

[Update]: Prepare to die over and over again as the Ashes of Vados expansion has now arrived.

After greatly expanding the world and fixing many of the post-launch complaints with the chunky Afterlife update, the Souls-like Metroidvania Death's Gambit is now getting ready for its very first paid DLC - Ashes of Vados. You can expect to see it launch onto PC this February 10th, while the Switch and PlayStation versions will be arriving at some point in Spring.

In terms of content, Ashes of Vados will bring with it the continuation of the main storyline along with a climactic boss fight against Ash. Should you manage to succeed, you will also unlock a drastically different and much more challenging version of the encounter called "The Eldritch Hand!" Keeping on with the theme, there will also be devious new platforming challenges to overcome in the appropriately named Halls of Cruelty.

You can also expect to see a new Combat Arena where you can fight wave after wave of enemies, a Boss Rush mode that lets you tackle all of the bosses in normal or heroic difficulty, as well as four "New Game" modes to help spice things up: Randomized Items, Heroic Forced, Madness Mode and Fink Mode. Most importantly, as your reward for completing all of this remarkably tricky new content you will granted an assortment of powerful new loot!

Once Ashes of Vados goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a bit more about it, as well as follow any future developer updates, over at Steam.