The Sinking City screenshot of the characters sailing through ruins

[Update]: The Sinking City has now arrived for both PC and consoles!

The Sinking City is a Lovecraftian adventure-investigation hybrid that will have you attempt to unveil a sinister plot filled with seedy characters, as is tradition, as well as hopefully maintain your sanity throughout the process. If that sounds like your type of game, you might be glad to hear that The Sinking City will be coming this June 27th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

On the other hand if you're wondering what exactly the moment-to-moment gameplay is all about, and you don't mind some rather mild spoilers, allow me to share with you the recently posted gameplay preview. Have a gander:

While the facial animations are unfortunately well within the uncanny valley, I do like the sort of atmosphere present throughout the video. How exactly it'll all hold up once the more outlandish and Lovecraftian elements start appearing, I have no idea, but so far I must admit I'm quite intrigued. That said, I'm not exactly sure if The Sinking City is the type of game I'd be willing to pay €60 for, but it's certainly one I'll keep my eyes on moving forward.

Whatever your impression of it may be, you can learn more about The Sinking City, as well as follow its development moving forward, over at the official website.