Puzzle-platformer Unravel is arriving to the PC, Xbox One and PS4 this February 9

Unravel was first announced and demoed at the most recent E3 and despite being a relatively small indie game it absolutely stole the show on account of its stylish design and great presentation by one of the developers.

A couple of months have passed since then and the cutesy puzzle-platformer Unravel is just about ready to be fully released this February 9th. Here's a video of a developer showcasing Unravel's gameplay mechanics:


I have an interesting question for you. Unravel is being made almost entirely by a small studio called Coldwood Interactive yet its being supported and published by EA, a giant in the industry. So does Unravel still fit the bill as an indie game? There's no right answer here and to be honest it doesn't even matter but its an interesting thing to ponder at least.

As for Unravel, its environments and art style are inspired by the Swedish countryside one of the developers visited during his childhood. With precious few sources of entertainment around he made himself a little friend out of yarn and thus the inspiration for Unravel was born.

The gameplay, as you might guess from the puzzle-platformer classification, involves a lot of jumping around, avoiding danger and solving puzzles in a visually beautiful world. And like many of its genre neighbors Unravel features a compelling story about love, loss and the effort it takes to reunite with someone.

Unravel is set to release on February 9th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One though if you own Origin Access you can start playing right away. While I haven't had the chance to play Unravel its certainly is an interesting enough game to keep an eye on and I'd suggest you do the same.