EA's Origin Access is now available across Europe for €3,99

When Origin Access went live earlier this month it launched with only a couple of regions supported, those being the US, Canada, UK and Germany.

And now after a good few weeks of waiting the rest of Europe can join in on the offer as well, and what an offer it is. I know a lot of people have an irrational hatred for Origin and all things EA but believe me when I say that Origin Access is well worth checking out because for €3,99 you get a ton of value. Here's what's included:

The most important thing you will be getting is instant access to all of the Vault games, of which there are currently 15. They are, in no particular order:

- Battlefield 4

- Battlefield: Hardline

- Battlefield 3

- Entire Dragon Age Collection

- Entire Dead Space Collection

- The Sims 3 Starter Pack

- SimCity

- FIFA 15

- Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

- Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition

As you can see these are all good games that are well worth your time and attention and you can get all of them for a month for only €3,99. I know I sound like I'm about to transition in to a Slap Chop advertisement but we're talking about 15 good/great games for a rather low sum of money. You don't get to keep them after your subscription is out but given the price you're paying even if you end up buying Origin Access again later you'll still be in the green.

Next up is the ability to try upcoming EA games for free before anyone else. Your progress is saved so if you end up buying the game sometime in the future you can easily continue where you left off. In essence its a better version of a demo that allows you to preview upcoming AAA games so you can decide whether they're worth your time or not, not a big feature but pretty nifty.

And finally while you have Origin Access every purchase you make on Origin will come with a 10% discount which stacks even with sales. So if you are planning to buy any game on Origin valued €40 or over you might as well get yourself Origin Access for "free" and get a 15 game bonus as well.

Again, I know it sounds like I'm the biggest shill in the world but I genuinely think that EA's Origin Access is a terrific deal that is well worth your consideration, especially if you're new to gaming and haven't played many of the Vault titles.