• Unravel 2 has been officially revealed and then immediately released for both PC and consoles

    It's been obvious for a couple of days now that EA is planning to fully unravel (sorry) Unravel 2 at E3 2018, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that they have now done just that. What might come as a bit of a shocker, however, is that they then proceeded to announce that

  • EA has announced a sequel to the yarn-based puzzle-platformer Unravel

    Unravel is a cutesy yarn-based puzzle-platformer that released earlier this year, and while it didn't manage to live up to the lofty expectations people set for it after watching the E3 demo, it did end up a being a rather enjoyable game.

    It would also appear it sold extremely well as

  • The Cutesy Puzzle-Platformer Unravel Is Coming This February 9th

    Unravel was first announced and demoed at the most recent E3 and despite being a relatively small indie game it absolutely stole the show on account of its stylish design and great presentation by one of the developers.

    A couple of months have passed since then and the cutesy

  • EA's Unravel Now Has A Release Date & New Trailer

    Mind you, EA is not actually making the game, they are publishing it but even still, its not common to see them work with smaller titles so they must really have a lot of faith in Unravel.

    Its easy to see why, just look at the Unravel's E3 presentation, the developer was