Screenshot of the Terraria x Don't Starve crossover

[Update #2]: Terraria's likely final update "Labor of Love" has now arrived with a bunch of improvements.

[Update]: Terraria and Core Keeper are doing a small crossover to celebrate Terraria's upcoming Labor of Love update.

It would appear that today is the unofficial indie crossover day! Not only has Dead Cells added weapons and outfits themed after six other indie games, but Terraria and Don't Starve Together have now launched their very own crossover updates as well!

Funnily enough, the whole crossover started from an offhanded comment during Re-Logic's AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. The team was asked what game or universe they would love to do a crossover with, to which the answer was Don't Starve. And as it so happens, a member of the Don't Starve team noticed that comment, contacted Re-Logic, and the whole Terraria X Don't Starve Together update was set in motion quickly after.

Given that both teams are famous for going all-out on pretty much any big project, it should come as little surprise to hear that both games have received a considerable infusion of new stuff thanks to the crossover. On Terraria's side you can expect to see Don't Starve inspired shaders, lighting and world generation features, new survival based gameplay mechanics that will have you fight the darkness and your very own hunger, new Don't Starve inspired items and pets, the Deerclops boss, as well as a whole bunch of cosmetic items to collect along the way.

Don't Starve Together, however, has added two new bosses to face off against (the Eye of Terror and the Twins of Terror), two new critters for you to befriend, new items to uncover, as well as two new crock pot recipes to utilize - Frozen Banana Daiquiri and Bunny Stew. There's also a bunch of Terraria themed cosmetics up for grabs, as well as new Terraria themed world settings and presets for both the Forest and the Caves.

You can read more about this crossover, as well as its contents, over at Steam. Have fun, and for now I'll leave you with a short animated trailer showing off the new additions: