Core Keeper and Terraria crossover artwork showing King Slime

[Update #2]: Continuing with the whole crossover theme, the Terraria team is now working on Dead Cells inspired content!

[Update]: Terraria's Labor of Love update has now arrived, and with it the crossover update is live on both games.

Terraria has done a few crossovers before, so it should come as little surprise to hear that they have announced a brand new one will be coming with the chunky Labor of Love update on September 28th. The crossover this time around will be with Core Keeper - an exploration focused adventure that shares a lot of the same gameplay ideas as Terraria.

On the Core Keeper side you can expect to see the gelatinous and ginormous King Slime as a brand new boss. Besides having to best the big ol' slime in combat, part of the challenge will also be to figure out how to summon him in the first place. Whatever the process might entail, it'll be well worth it at the end as King Slime will drop some pretty interesting loot "that will make you the envy of your fellow explorers."

The Terraria side of the crossover is far more peaceful. By finding a special Core Keeper item hidden somewhere in the world you'll be able to summon a docile (and hopefully adorable) Caveling to follow you around as a pet and offer moral support.

Much like the last few times, all of the crossover content for both Terraria and Core Keeper will be a permanent part of their respective games. As such, feel free to explore either game at your leisure as there's really no rush.

You can learn a little bit more about the crossover, as well as keep an eye on any further teasers, over at Steam. Enjoy!