Satisfactory screenshot of two players overlooking their factory

[Update #2]: Satisfactory Update 6 has reworked the Spire Coast, added ammo types and even an explosive boom box.

[Update]: Satisfactory's chunky Update 5 has arrived with major vehicle and build system improvements.

After spending a fair bit of time being exclusive to the Epic Games Store, the first-person factory building game Satisfactory has now also made its way to Steam Early Access. As you might imagine from that last part alone, Satisfactory is currently still unfinished and somewhat unpolished, though most of the core factory-building gameplay seems to be present and accounted for.

What is currently missing is the story mode that's supposed to give everything a bit of context, as well as a proper end-game challenge to really sink your teeth into. So if you do decide to explore Satisfactory's rather alien world, make sure you're doing so because you love a good sandbox to play around with - at this point that's pretty much exactly what you're getting.

As for what Satisfactory looks like in actual gameplay, that you'll find out through the recently posted Steam trailer. Have a little peek:

You can learn more about Satisfactory, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy, over at Steam. Have fun!