Satisfactory screenshot of the Update 5 artwork

[Update]: Satisfactory Update 6 has reworked the Spire Coast, added ammo types and even an explosive boom box.

After spending a fair bit of time in testing, Satisfactory's rather chunky Update 5 has now finally arrived. First and foremost, Update 5 brings with it massive improvements to the build system so you'll now be able to construct things closer together, build in batches by using the new "zoop!" mode, and even switch between the various build modes with ease.

Continuing on with the theme of making things more convenient, vehicle pathing has also underwent major changes and so vehicles will now be both more reliable and more likely to avoid obstacles without going completely off course. Trains on the other hand have received two nifty new additions - a signaling system that lets you block or reserve paths, as well as an improved timetable system so you can now even further dictate how each train should behave.

Most importantly of all, trains will now derail spectacularly when they collide with each other! Here's what the collisions, as well as the other major features, look like in action:

There's far too many details for me to cover in brief, so if you're eager to learn more about Update 5 I'd recommend heading over to the official website. Coffee Stain Studios have done a pretty good job highlighting all of the major changes, so you should be able to get a solid good idea of how your favorite bits have changed.

Have fun slamming trains together!