Satisfactory indie open-world crafting game Update 6 artwork

A fair bit of time has gone by since Satisfactory's Update 5, so it should come as little surprise to hear that the newly unleashed Update 6 is quite the chunky one! It brings with it a massive rework of the Spire Coast biome, a variety of visual enhancements for the Swamp biome, as well as a boom box that can also double as a powerful weapon if you can figure out a way to overcharge it!

You can also expect to see an assortment of ammunition types for your ranged weaponry, including fancy things like homing bullets for the rifle. And if you want to go completely absurd, there's even a mini nuke to play around with. I'm sure that's never going to end in disaster for everyone involved!

Update 6 has also made the map unlockable at Tier 1, while also sprucing it up with new features to help you navigate the world and keep an eye out for points of interest. Radio towers are unlocked through the MAM just like before, though they too come with extra functionality. Thanks to Update 6 they will now immediately reveal a set radius on the map around them, and in the process highlight all resource nodes, give information on potential rewards and even the type of wildlife that can be found in the region.

There's far too many specific changes to easily summarize, so if you're interested in all of the details on Update 6 you'll find what you seek over at the official website.

Have fun with all of the new stuff, and I'll make sure to let you know once Satisfactory releases the next big update. That said, given the pace of releases so far, it's most likely going to be a while.

Satisfactory indie open-world crafting game Update 6 screenshot of the Spire Coast

Satisfactory indie open-world crafting game Update 6 screenshot of the improved Swamp