Outward official artwork and logo

[Update #2]: The Soroboreans expansion has now arrived alongside highly positive reviews.

[Update]: The Soroboreans expansion has been pinned for a June release date on PC, and July on PS4 and Xbox One.

While Outward is certainly a niche RPG, it's one that I found to be quite compelling as it provides a real sense of adventure and exploration. As such, I am very happy to say that Outward will soon be getting its very first expansion - The Soroboreans!

The details are few and far between, but so far the developers have confirmed three major features. First of all, you will be able to drastically adjust your weapons and trinkets through the use of the new enchanting system. Given how magic works in Outward, I fully expect enchantments to be immensely powerful, as well as immensely hard to acquire!

On the other hand, the new corruption status will be joining hunger, thirst and warmth to make your life just a bit more tricky. Each level of corruption will affect you in noticeably worse ways, and if you don't manage to purify yourself in time, it might even bring you to an untimely end.

Outward screenshot from The Soroboreans DLC showing a new town

The final thing announced so far is the arrival of new skills and status effects. Naturally, some of these will be closely related to the new corruption effect, and will have a chance to significantly alter your playstyle depending on how deeply you invest in them. What exactly the skills are, however, that hasn't been revealed just yet.

That's pretty much everything announced so far, but if you're looking to eek out a few more tidbits of knowledge, you should visit the Steam announcement. As for the release date, expect The Soroboreans to arrive in Spring 2020!