Outward official artwork and logo

[Update]: New and improved Outward: Definitive Edition is launching on May 17th, 2022 .

If you're like me and you've pretty much explored every nook and cranny in Outward, you'll be happy to hear that its very first expansion has now arrived for PC. The Soroboreans expansion brings with it a variety of new locations and enemies to contend with, a whole assortment of trinkets and armor to collect, as well as a new skill tree and status effects.

There's also a brand new enhancement system that lets you further customize your weapons, trinkets and armor sets. Getting the best stuff is a fairly expensive affair, as is tradition with all things in Outward, but the benefits are definitely worth the trouble as you can make some monstrously powerful characters!

Not everything is going to work in your favor, however, as The Soroboreans also brings with it a brand new negative condition - corruption. It's an incredibly deadly malady that will seriously cripple your character if you allow it to progress, so managing your corruption and avoiding its sources will be of the utmost importance throughout The Soroboreans expansion. A bit brutal, but overcoming these types of challenges just makes Outward's exploration all the more rewarding!

As for what exactly The Soroboreans looks like in action, that you can find out through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a look, it's a fairly short one:

You can learn more about The Soroboreans, as well as Outward itself, over at Steam. Have fun!