Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of the Dwarves fighting Glyphids

[Update #2]: Deep Rock Galactic's Season 4: Critical Corruption is coming June 15th with jetpacks, new enemies and arcade games.

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic's Lunar Festival 2023 has now arrived with silly hats and double seasonal exp.

Due to popular demand, the Ghost Ship Games team has now once again released a brief infographic covering some of Deep Rock Galactic's most interesting (or simply peculiar) stats from 2022. Just as a little example, it looks like your fellow Dwarves are far more dangerous to your own health than even the mighty Glyphid Dreadnought! The whole thing sounded a bit absurd to me, though when I remembered how many Scouts I've accidentally blown up with C4, I must admit I'm genuinely surprised the gap isn't even wider!

It's also worth mentioning that Deep Rock Galactic has had a massive period of growth in 2022. Not only have the daily active users seen a sharp increase, but the number of copies sold has nearly doubled compared to last year! As such, there are now over 5,5 million Dwarves getting drunk and operating heavy mining equipment all over Hoxxes IV!

However, not only is there a lot of players milling about, but they appear to be quite an industrious bunch as well. According to the stats from Steam users, the average player has spent ~42 hours on Deep Rock Galactic, while more than 506,929 players have played for more than 100 hours. For a relatively small studio like Ghost Ship Games, that is beyond impressive!

You can check out the whole infographic, all neatly sorted by categories, over at Steam.

I can only hope other developers are looking and taking notes as Ghost Ship Games really are the gold standard when it comes to striking the perfect balance between the amount of content, its quality and its monetization. After all, it's not every day you get to see a game not only give its Battle Pass away for free, but also redistribute those fancy items as in-game rewards once the season itself is over.

Once the next big update gets announced, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun rocking and stoning your way through Season 3!