Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of the decorated space rig for Lunar Festival 2023

[Update #2]: Deep Rock Galactic's Season 4: Critical Corruption is coming June 15th with jetpacks, new enemies and arcade games.

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic is celebrating its Fifth Anniversary by giving everyone a chance to play the Classic 2018 Version.

I hope you're in the mood for yet another holiday event, because Deep Rock Galactic's Lunar Festival 2023 has now arrived. Much like its predecessor, the Lunar Festival brings with it a couple of silly, themed hats to acquire, a highly lucrative assignment, and most importantly of all, double seasonal experience!

That last part does have a bit of a catch, however. In order to activate the double experience bonus you'll first need to find a Lunar Rabbit hiding away somewhere in each level. They're thankfully not too hard to snag, so as long as you're even slightly observant you should be good.

Similarly, there's no real need to rush the new assignment as the Lunar Festival will last until February 2nd. As such, I'd recommend you finish up any assignments you might currently have active, and then move onto the seasonal stuff once your slate is nice and clean. After all, it would be a shame to waste all of that progress for essentially no reason.

Have fun with the freshly redecorated Space Rig, and I'll leave you with the preview image for the new Lunar Rabbit hat in all of its triple-chinned glory. Rock and stone!

Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of the Lunar New Year Rabbit hat