Deep Rock Galactic's Season 4: Critical Corruption official artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Deep Rock Galactic's Space Beach Party 2023 event has arrived with festive decorations, silly hats and doubled Battle Pass experience.

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic's Season 4 has arrived with new enemies, boss, jet boots, and an arcade cabinet.

After a lengthy series of cryptic teasers, the Deep Rock Galactic team has now finally revealed the first bit of concrete information about Season 4: Critical Corruption - the release date! You can expect to see the PC version arrive on June 15th, while the console players will be able to dive in a week later, on June 22nd.

While the exact list of new features and additions has not been announced just yet, allow me to give you a brief rundown of everything that has been teased so far, as well as what I think it might actually be. Without further ado, let's dive in:

The first teaser is a fairly obvious one as it shows the Space Rig getting an arcade machine! So if you're not a fan of kicking barrels or annoying mission control, you'll soon have something else to do while waiting for everyone to show up.

The second teaser shows off a brand new crate found somewhere in a mission. This is likely going to be an equipment crate from which you'll be able to get temporary jetpacks, though there might be other mission-exclusive items to find as well.

The third teaser is once again the arcade cabinet, though it doesn't offer much more in terms of useful information.

The fourth teaser, however, is quite an interesting one as it shows off a brand new, scorpion-like enemy known as the Glyphid Stingtail. How exactly it works, nobody currently knows, but it looks like the Stingtail will be a disabler enemy that's focused more on disrupting the team rather than simply trying to kill them.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4: Critical Corruption Glyphid Stingtail artwork

The fifth teaser, as you might quickly judge from its title, is reversed. When looked at properly, it shows two dwarves using jetpacks in order to smoothly and safely reach a high space. I don't think I've ever in my entire life been ambivalent about using jetpacks to zoom around, so consider me excited!

The sixth (and currently final) teaser is the big one! This one not only shows that jetpacks can indeed be acquired from equipment boxes found within the level itself, but also a seemingly plague-infested Korlok Tyrant-Weed that will likely serve as a Nemesis style mini-boss, or perhaps even a proper boss like the Caretaker.

I'd love to tell you more as I'm curious myself, but I'm afraid that's it for the time being. Once that changes and the Deep Rock Galactic team does a proper reveal for Season 4, I'll make sure to let you know.

Until then, you can keep track of any teasers and updates over at Steam. Rock and stone!