EA's stylish and artsy platformer Unravel now has a release date and new story trailer

Mind you, EA is not actually making the game, they are publishing it but even still, its not common to see them work with smaller titles so they must really have a lot of faith in Unravel.

Its easy to see why, just look at the Unravel's E3 presentation, the developer was overwhelmed with nervousness but to his credit the Unravel demonstration is one of the few game reveals from E3 that have stuck in my mind. And now we finally have both a release date announced as well as a new trailer.


Once Unravel is released on February 9th you will be able to puzzle & platform your way through a colorful world as you try to unravel the story. Since your character is made out of yarn it appears that with every step you take you lose a bit of yourself so let's just say I wouldn't expect this one to end with a fairy tale ending.

Despite there being a ton of these artsy puzzle-platformers after Braid & Limbo became popular I don't really mind too much because most of them tend to come from developers that really care about their work and it shows. So here's to hoping Unravel ends up being one of the good ones, it certainly looks like it so far.

As of right now you can only preoder Unravel on Origin and given that its published by EA I wouldn't hold my breath for a Steam release but to be fair Origin isn't all that bad these days, if nothing else at least their support service will actually answer your emails.