The Witness demade as an NES game - The Wit.NES

I'm sure most people will agree that The Witness is a beautiful game, but at its core its mechanics are about as simple as they get. If someone was determined enough they could quite feasibly re-develop The Witness for any of the old consoles... and as it so happens, someone did!

After two months of work the indie developer Dustmop has managed to demake The Witness into an NES game, both as a reinterpretation and as a tribute. There are 32 puzzles with various rules to discover, and all of this is done by navigating an overhead world with 4-way scrolling.

You will find the download link over at Dustmop's page, and while the download itself isn't large you will need an emulator in order to play the creatively titled "Wit.NES".

If you're interested in what this demake even looks like, here's a commentary free gameplay video I found on Youtube: