The Witness screenshot of some lovely enviroments

Humble has really been knocking it out of the park with these past few Humble Monthly bundles. First it was XCOM 2, then Total War: Warhammer, and now you can grab The Witness for a rather low $12. As an added bonus you will also get a bunch of other games at the beginning of the next month, but I wouldn't rely on those being anything special given how the past few months have been a bit hit or miss with the bonus games.

So if you're up for potentially ruining your brain while trying to figure out everything The Witness has to offer, you can grab it for $12 by heading to the Humble Bundle website. Just keep in mind that this is a subscription service, so if you're only grabbing this bundle for The Witness make sure to unsubscribe as soon as you get the bonus games. And don't worry about being charged twice as payments for the next month are only taken around the 15th, so you have plenty of time to decide whether you're willing to go for a second month.

Finally, for those of you that might not know what The Witness even is, here's the official trailer as well as a word of warning: Don't grab The Witness unless you're really, really into puzzle games, because that's pretty much exactly what you'll be getting. Anyway, here's the video: