XCOM 2 - an example of one of the new alien enemies

As a big fan of the XCOM franchise it excites me to see Firaxis this open towards people showcasing their game a few months before launch, especially in today's world where some games hide behind a wall of hype until the last possible minute.

While I don't have anything to showcase myself (given that I started doing this a month ago) plenty of other people were allowed access and have created some amazing videos, including one of the most dedicated XCOM players around, Beaglerush. Here is the trailer and the links pointing you towards all of the stuff you might be interested in:


Beagle's XCOM 2 preview - a series of so far three videos from one of the most dedicated, not to mention skilled, XCOM players around. So if you're going to watch a couple of videos I'd suggest you go with this series.

Eurogamer's interview/developer commentary - this video is a bit of a long one but it does cower base building to a much greater extent than any other. That and the developer interview does give a few more tidbits of information if that's something you're looking for.

Rockpapershotgun's written overview - if you're someone who prefers the written word then RPS has a rather lengthy article on their experiencs with XCOM 2, its a good read.

There are a bunch more but after watching most of them I feel these above are the best representations of what the game is like and cower most of the stuff you might be interested in. But if you require even more XCOM 2 in your bloodstream you can head over to youtube and check out the rest of the videos.

XCOM 2 is coming to us relatively soon, on February 5th, so there's yet another good game to look forward to early next year.