Shaq holding a ninja out of arms reach in Shaq-Fu 2

Man games were crazy back in the day. Get this, someone actually made a fighting game based on a famous basketball player who goes through a dimensional portal in order to fight otherworldly caricatures of various Egyptian figures. As you might imagine it sucked pretty badly and there was even a website dedicated to its utter annihilation. But, after a while the game was quietly forgotten and left to rest on the shelves of history.

Until a few years ago when the world decided Shaq-Fu 2 was a game worthy of raising $458,884 through its indiegogo campaign. I still find this whole thing absurd but the developers behind Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn have taken the money and two years later are ready to show their progress. The best bit? It actually looks fun, in a cheesy sort of way.


I have to hand it to Big Deez, they've taken something that was almost universally considered bad and with a relatively low amount of money made something respectable. Whether the final product will be good or not is impossible to tell at this point but I'm glad they're not taking anything related to this game seriously because let's face it, it will never be.

So despite my reservations given the game's pedigree here's to hoping this one ends up being good, the world can always use a few more brawlers.