One of the heroes in Paragon posing

I'll be perfectly honest here, I don't think the world needs more MOBAs right now but at least Epic is willing to try something different with Paragon. Unlike the more RTS nature of other MOBAs Paragon is mixing in some shooter elements in there as well so you'll control heroes in a third person POV and aim much like how you would in a shooter.

You can take a look at the cinematic trailer here and if you're interested in actual gameplay I've embedded the short clip below.


I wasn't joking when I said short, the thing barely has 20 seconds of actual gameplay footage but that's enough to get an idea of how Paragon works. Firstly, all of the skills require aiming on the player's part so I am guessing Paragon will play more like a multiplayer shooter with MOBA elements than the other way around.

The second thing is, and this one might not sound relevant but all of the abilities shown were instantly cast. It is possible that the delay was removed in order to make the gameplay trailer more exciting but if this ends up being in the actual game the combat is going to have quite the hectic pace.

There is one more feature worth talking about, and this wasn't mentioned in the trailer but rather the Paragon website. I am talking about items you can equip that give you bonuses to various stats or in the case of the ones I linked, an area buff around the hero. Given that you can get these items before Paragon is even released means they aren't something you buy in a match.

And this has me worried, I must say. Balancing a MOBA game is impossibly hard even without adding a ton of item permutations and not just that, if these items aren't easily gained it is going to be nightmarish for a new player to come in to the game and "optimally" gear up a couple of their favorites. But that's a worry for another time as Paragon doesn't even have a release date yet so things can very easily change.

Epic has some good games behind them so I don't doubt they will be able to pull this one off, I just hope it ends up being as good as it needs to be in order to survive in a ruthlessly competitive MOBA market.