Four gameplay videos of "The Division" were leaked from Ubisoft's recent closed alpha test

Ubisoft's The Division had a closed alpha test a short while ago and even though the players weren't supposed to take any videos or screenshots someone went ahead and did it anyway.

The four videos are fairly lengthy and they are most definitely breaking the NDA so if you were planning on taking a sneak-peek I'd suggest you do it quickly before they finally get pulled down by Ubisoft.


You can find the other three videos as a part of the playlist linked above, or if that isn't working for some reason you can find them at Depro Fan's youtube channel.

I'll be the first to say that the game doesn't look anything special, especially in terms of graphics when compared to what was showcased earlier this year but you have to keep in mind that this is an alpha test, the game is neither feature complete nor ready for public display.

As such I'd suggest you watch the video simply as a curiosity and reserve your judgement for when the game finally releases on March 8.