New Zombie type in Dying Light: The Following DLC

Before we move on the gameplay video its important to note that Dying Light: The Following is getting a price increase on December 8, the reason being that the DLC is far larger than was originally planned. The price will be going up from $15 to $20 so if you were planning to get it make sure you do it before December 8.

With that said here's the gameplay video and you can decide for yourself whether the price increase is warranted or not.


After watching that I think The Following is best described as "Dying Light, but more of it" and honestly that is completely fine with me, Dying Light was a fun game. Also, if what the developer said at the start of the video is completely true and the map size is larger than in the base game I would say that the price increase is understandable given that we're talking about expansion levels of content in that case.

The one really big complaint I have with The Following is that they're adding more guns without actually fixing the the rather atrocious ranged combat system. The SMG used throughout the video looked completely unwieldy as well as unsatisfying to fire, and given that this is the gun they decided to showcase doesn't fill me with confidence for the rest of the arsenal.

What does look really cool is the buggy. I especially like the idea of having to worry about gas as well as maintenance because, despite both of those sounding annoying, means the buggies can be incredibly powerful without impacting game balance since you won't be able to just stay inside one for the entire game, or at least I sure do hope you won't. Also, flamethrowers. Ever since I first played Killing Floor I've been enamored with flamethrowers in zombie games so any game that includes it gets bonus points in my eyes.

Buggy with a flamethrower in Dying Light: The Following DLC

That zombie doesn't seem very concerned about the fact that it was just doused in fire

The final revelation was the new zombie type which both shrieks like a Predator and has that whole "unhinged mouth" thing going on as well. It looked pretty dangerous in the trailer and I do like the idea of a "boss" zombie being able to climb and jump about as much as you can but I have a feeling the difficulty, and by extension, the scare factor will go down in the actual game. I guess we'll just have to wait a little while and see.

The Following will be coming in early 2016 along with the Enhanced Edition of Dying Light which will, most likely, be a free upgrade for all current users. And once again, there is a planned price increase for The Following happening on December 8th so keep that in mind if you were planning to buy it.