17 minutes of new Firewatch gameplay showcase the lighting effects, random banter, and a bit of the story

Don't worry, this isn't the other arbitrarily 17 minute long gameplay video released a few months back. Instead, this video is a continuation of the old one and showcases events that unfold on day 2 in Firewatch, but don't worry, the developers were sneaky enough to remove anything that might spoil you the story.

In the video (embeded below) two Firewatch developers will guide you through the world and events that happen as well as how your choices could influence them to resolve differently. I have a few things I'd like to mention but in order to not spoil you on anything I'd suggest you watch the video first before continuing.


The first thing I noticed with Firewatch is the voice-acting, one of the biggest reasons story focused games can completely fall apart even with a good script. And in the video above not only is the voice-acting well done but the script is compelling as well. Which is a really good thing because if you're going to spend a lot of the game walking around and exploring, some random banter is a good way to both tell a story as well as keep a player interested in what's going on.

The graphics are no slouch either. Quite the contrary, Firewatch looks amazing, especially when the developers playing it stop and look around for a bit. I also have to give special mention to how well done the shadows are because that early portion of the video, where you're still behind a mountain, looked just the right amount of spooky and tranquil for this sort of game.

But I think the start of the show here is the conversation system and this ties in to how good the voice-acting is. I like the idea that your dialogue choices can affect how the story progresses or you can just play dumb and focus on random banter, or even stay mostly silent throughout. Not to mention how your character is able to comment on seemingly everything and anything. I just hope this isn't a thing only present for the demo and that you'll be able to talk to your hearts desire about anything even remotely important looking or interesting.

Firewatch is coming on February 9th for the PC, Mac, Linux and PS4. I think I'll keep an eye on this one and I'd suggest you do as well because Firewatch seems well worth the attention.