Killing Floor 2 dual flame revolvers

Killing Floor 2's Descent update recently added two new maps, a new sub-game mode, two unique weapons including the awesome dual flame-revolvers, and a whole bunch of other content. In order to give everyone a chance to play with the new toys Tripwire has made Killing Floor 2 completely free-to-play over the weekend.

So if you're up for some co-op zombie-slaying action with a massive amount of customization you might want to head over to Steam. The free weekend will only last until Sunday night, so make sure to get plenty of playtime in before the whole promotion ends.

If you find yourself enjoying Killing Floor 2 you can grab it at a currently ongoing 50% discount, which is also being extended to the Digital Deluxe Edition. The sale will last until March 27th, an entire day after the free weekend ends, so don't stress about spending any money until you're certain Killing Floor 2 is something you'd love to continue playing. If you need a bit of help with your decision, however, you can find my detailed review by heading over here.

And finally, here's the recently posted Descent trailer to give you a brief taste of what Killing Floor 2 is all about. Enjoy!