Killing Floor 2's Descent update screenshot of flame revolvers

Tripwire promised that they would continue supporting Killing Floor 2 even after Early Access, and judging by the updates released so far they sure weren't kidding! The first major update in January added multi-perk weapons, a new Zed, as well as a new map, and already we're getting a whole bunch of new content.

The newly released Descent update brings with it two new maps to toy around with, Holdout as a sub-mode of Survival that drops players into a new random location with each wave, as well as a two new weapons. Fans of the original Firebug will be glad to hear that one of these weapons is the ridiculously awesome dual flare gun revolvers, while those of you that prefer shooting enemies in the face might be interested in the new Stoner 63a LMG as it packs one hell of a punch.

As for the new maps, the first and most standard one is Nuked - a community made map set amidst the ruins of a nuclear strike. The second and far more ambitious map is the titular Descent, which brings with it the new Holdout sub-game mode. Instead of constantly defending in the same area and using rather boring tactics in order to essentially cheese the enemy AI, in Holdout you will be dropped into a random location after each wave, forcing you to constantly adapt to your environment. Its a simple concept, but it does have a lot of potential to shake up the gameplay.

You can find what all of this new content looks like in gameplay terms through the recently posted teaser video. Have a look:

And finally, if you're wondering whether Killing Floor 2 is something you might enjoy, you'll find my detailed review by heading over here. If you just want the short version, however, here it is:

"Killing Floor 2 set out to do exactly one thing - to modernize and improve upon Killing Floor 1 without actually straying too far from the original formula. In this regard I would consider it an absolute success. The classes are much more balanced, the weapons are somehow even more enjoyable to use than ever before, and the new map design philosophy has managed to make each match feel all the more exciting. So if your wish for Killing Floor 2 was to get a new and improved version of Killing Floor 1, then by all means, consider it granted!"

Killing Floor 2 screenshot of the Descent map