Hacknet gameplay screenshot showing various terminals

If you're up for a game that is truly unique, you might be interested to hear that the "hacking simulator" Hacknet is currently free on the Humble Store. The promotion will only last for another ~18 hours, however, so do make sure to grab it as soon as possible.

I can't exactly give you my opinion on it since I haven't actually played it, but from what I've seen online it is fairly well regarded. It is without a single doubt a niche game, you're going to spend your entire playthrough looking at a terminal after all, but if it concept intrigues you then I do believe its worth a try. At the end of the day it is completely free, so why not?

If Hacknet isn't exactly your cup of tea, you might also want to check out Steam's currently ongoing Spring Cleaning event. Among other things, it gives you the ability to try out some truly excellent games (Borderlands 2, Shadow of Mordor, Cities: Skylines, etc.) until Monday, May 28th. Naturally, you will have to buy them afterwards in order to continue, but you might just find something that's right up your alley.

Have fun, and here's the trailer for Hacknet, just for good measure: