Borderlands 2 official gameplay screenshot

In a bit of a surprise update, Valve has now introduced a four-day "Spring Cleaning" event to Steam. From now until May 28th you will be able to earn a new badge for your Steam profile by checking out some of the games in your backlog, giving games you've barely played a second chance, or just by trying out something new from an assortment of games that are free for the weekend.

The first two options are barely worth noting since forcing yourself to play specific games in return for completely pointless Steam badges isn't exactly an enticing proposition, but the free games are definitely worth a look, especially since all of them are actually quite good! Here's the full list:

Dead By Daylight

Cities: Skylines 

Don't Starve Together

Dirt 4

Left 4 Dead 2


Borderlands 2

Shadow of Mordor

Castle Crashers

As you can see, this really is a quality list! It's so good in fact that I honestly can't recommend any specific game over the rest, with the one exception being Dirt 4 and that's because I haven't actually played it. So if you're looking for something new, and especially if you have some friends that are willing to experiment with you, do make sure to take advantage of this promotion as it really is an excellent one.

Have fun, and just remember that this whole event will last until Monday, May 28th!