Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber mount that's coming to World of Warcraft

If you ever wanted to give Heroes of the Storm a try, now would be the best time to do so as the upcoming For Azeroth promotion is going to give you an easy way to obtain a rather fancy in-game mount, as well as an even fancier World of Warcraft mount. All you need to do is play 15 games with a friend as a Warcraft hero, and unlike the previous Oni Genji promotion you don't even need to ensure you actually win!

The only catch is that there is a time limit, so if you want the Flames of Judgement Charger mount and the Primal Flamesaber WoW mount you'll need to complete the quest between February 14th and March 14th. And while its slightly less exciting than mounts made out of pure lava, its also worth mentioning that you'll get a 10-day Stimpack (think of it as an experience booster) as an added little bonus for completing the For Azeroth quest.

And for those of you that don't care about Heroes of the Storm and just want to burn through the whole event as quickly as possible, here's a brief little guide that should help you get it done within an hour or two:

1) Type "/Join Warcraft" into your chat box while in the main menu. Once you're there, group up with four other players and make sure to add them to your friend list or your wins won't count! If there isn't enough people in the Warcraft channel there is no need to worry, just browse through some of the public channels as this event is bound to get people 'out there'.

2) Pick heroes that excel at single target damage or straight up tower pushing. Since heroes rotate on a weekly basis its hard for me to give you specific advice here, but if you ever find yourself stuck just ask your fellow players, one of them is bound to help you out. That said, if you do have someone experienced on your team try and get them to play Sylvannas as she can singlehandedly break through the entire enemy base.

3) Queue up for a Co-op vs AI match set on Beginner difficulty.

4) While there are some maps where this isn't the best strategy, you can win all of them by simply ignoring the objectives and heading down the middle lane as a five-man group (or one of the side lanes if there is no middle).

5) Obliterate everything in your path, but stay as safe as possible until you reach the enemy Nexus/Core/Throne/whatever you want to call it.

6) Once there, kill the enemy heroes one more time and attack the Core with all of your might! Use all of your spells, all of your cooldowns, and don't stop fighting until you're dead! Chances are you'll bring it down to 30-40% before you kick the bucket, but if your team is good enough you might just win right then and there.

7) After you respawn make sure to regroup and push down the middle lane once more to secure your ~4 minute win.

8) Repeat all of this 14 more times.

Before you dive in, just remember that the event will only begin on February 14th! But until then you might as well give Heroes of the Storm a try... who knows, you might just find it to your liking. And finally, here's the incredibly cheesy preview image of the upcoming Flames of Judgement Charger mount:

Heroes of the Storm Flames of Judgement Charger mount screenshot