Oni Genji skin from Overwatch

[Update]: You can find a simple guide on how to acquire the skin by heading over here.

While the brand new reveal and cinematic short for Sombra are certainly exciting bits of news for any Overwatch player, I have an even better announcement for my fellow Genji players out there! As a part of an upcoming Heroes of the Storm promotion you'll be able to earn a nifty little player icon and spray, but more importantly, an exclusive (and amazing) legendary skin!

So how does this work? Well, all you need to do is party up with a friend and play at least 15 Heroes of the Storm games in Co-op vs AI, Quick Match, Unranked Draft, or Ranked Mode. Do bear in mind that while its not necessary to actually win any of these games, being grouped up with a player in the same match is of the essence! If you're not a fan of MOBA games, worry not as you'll have plenty of time to do all 15 games given that the promotion will start on November 15 and end on January 4.

To give you some more details, here's what exactly you'll be getting if you manage to complete all 15 games:

Overwatch Rewards: Oni Genji Skin, Oni Genji Portrait, Oni Genji Spray

Heroes of the Storm Rewards: Zarya (hero), Oni Genji Portrait

But wait, there's more! If you find Heroes of the Storm to your liking, so much so that you decide to actually continue playing it, you'll be glad to here that there is a step #2 to this promotion as well. If you manage to complete 30 co-op games within the allotted time frame you'll also gain these items:

Heroes of the Storm Rewards: Auriel (hero), Graymane (hero), Kerrigan (hero), Li-Ming (hero), Orochi Hovercycle Mount (mount, duh), 30 Day Stimpack (exp booster)

I've long since stopped playing Heroes of the Storm, mostly because my heart lies with Dota 2, but I would still urge you to give it a try. It certainly has a lot of unique ideas and map concepts, and given how generous this promotion is you'll have plenty of heroes to toy around with, so it should be a pretty interesting ride. Have fun, and enjoy how awesome this new Genji skin is!

Oni Genji highlight intro from the upcoming HOTS promotion