Marvel's Midnight Suns turn-based RPG artwork and logo

[Update]: After a few rounds of delays, Marvel's Midnight Suns has now landed onto PC and consoles.

After talking about a whole assortment of delays over the past few months, I'm pleased to say that today I have a completely opposite story! Instead of revealing that their turn-based RPG Marvel's Midnight Suns is going through another setback, XCOM studio Firaxis has now come out to announce that they will be launching in 2022 after all!

"We are happy to confirm that the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Marvel's Midnight Suns will release on Dec 2 2022," reads the brief update. "Xbox One and PS4 will follow later in 2023."

Alongside the announcement Firaxis has also released a brand new animated trailer showcasing each of the heroes, as well as a tiny bit of gameplay. Have a gander:

If you're interested in a closer look at the gameplay, even though this one is also quite short, you should also check out the original gameplay reveal below:

Once we get a lengthier preview I'll make sure to let you know as I'm quite eager to find out just how strategic Marvel's Midnight Suns is really going to be. Until then, you can learn a bit more about Marvel's Midnight Suns, as well as keep track of any teasers, over at Steam. Enjoy!