Marvel's Midnight Suns official artwork for the turn-based RPG

After going through a few rounds of delays, Firaxis Games' turn-based RPG Marvel's Midnight Suns has now finally been unleashed for PC and consoles. However, despite being a tactical turn-based game from the XCOM studio, Marvel's Midnight Suns is by no means a copy of it.

Not only does the combat system utilize cards and combos instead of relying on random rolls, but there's also a much greater focus on storytelling and character interactions. In fact, between all of the various systems and dialogues, there's a good chance you'll spend just as much time managing things and talking to people as you will fighting. So if you're here purely for the turn-based combat, you might end up being somewhat disappointed.

As for what exactly Marvel's Midnight Suns looks like in action, that you can check out through the developer-guided introduction below. You don't need to watch the whole thing as it's a bit of a lengthier video, but you should definitely give it a look as even a brief glimpse at the combat should give you a pretty good idea of just how Marvel's Midnight Suns works. Have a gander:

Should you decide to dive into Marvel's Midnight Suns, do be warned that the tutorial section is absurdly long. You're going to spend multiple hours being shepherded through tiny arenas populated with only the most basic combat encounters before finally being let loose upon the world. There's unfortunately not much you can do to speed it up either, so just make sure to arm yourself with a bit of patience as once Marvel's Midnight Suns actually gets going, things become quite enjoyable.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can learn more about Marvel's Midnight Suns and its plans for the future over at Steam. Have fun!

Marvel's Midnight Suns super hero turn-based RPG screenshot showing Blade and Captain America

Marvel's Midnight Suns super hero turn-based RPG screenshot showing Captain Marvel's combat cards

Marvel's Midnight Suns super hero turn-based RPG cutscene screenshot showing Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Scarlet Witch