Shen's Last Gift DLC brings with it a new robotic companion - Spark

Continuing the trend of DLC announcements that come straight out of nowhere, Firaxis has announced and then instantly unleashed a brand new DLC for XCOM 2. Shen's Last Gift will send you to a hidden ADVENT facility housing massive quantities of high-tech weaponry, and along with Chief Engineer Lily Shen you will need to uncover any technology that might aid the currently ongoing war effort.

As it so happens, the ultimate weapon the ADVENT were so keen on hiding away is a one-of-a-kind MEC created by the late Chief Engineer Shen, a lovely old gentleman whom you might remember from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If you're wondering what your newfound robotic companion looks like, and more importantly, what it fights like, here's the recently posted trailer:


As with previous MECs in the series, Spark essentially functions as a hero unit and is capable of bringing down devastating firepower against anyone that is foolish enough to stand before him. All this might does come with a rather nasty downside as Spark is unable to take cower and will always be exposed to enemy fire, but on the positive side, at least your other infantry will be able to take cower behind his massive bulk.

If you would like to toy around with Spark, you can buy Shen's Last Gift for $10/€10 on Steam, though I wouldn't recommend doing so. The reason I say this is not because I consider the DLC a waste of money, but rather because you can get all three currently available pieces of DLC (or rather two DLCs and a bunch of ugly clown costumes) for $13/€13 as a part of the Reinforcement Pack, which is currently on a 33% discount during the Steam Summer Sale.

Shen's Last Gift DLC brings with it new robotic enemies