Total War: Warhammer's Blood for the Blood God DLC brings buckets of blood to each battle

Creative Assembly came out yesterday to announce that the first big post-launch update for Total War: Warhammer is going to be available today. Besides a massive array of balance changes, this free update brings with a brand new end-game unit for the Vampire Counts, the aptly named Blood Knights, five new multiplayer maps to wage war upon, and most importantly, improvements to enemy AI during sieges.

The update has since arrived on Steam, and in yet another surprise announcement, it was quickly followed by the very first post-launch DLC as well. Blood for the Blood God, as you would expect, introduces blood spurts, dismemberment, the ability for zombies, skeletons and Grave Guard to continue fighting while dismembered, explosive gibs, and even a bunch of new global campaign events revolving around bloodshed. Here's the trailer:


I'll be perfectly honest here, this DLC does not appeal to me in the least, but it does come as a simple appetizer to an otherwise massive and most welcome update. That aside, if Creative Assembly needs these cheap, fluff pieces of DLC to finance their continuous support for Total War: Warhammer, then I have absolutely no issues with it, especially since even more free content updates have been announced for the future.

If you would like to offer blood to the blood god, skulls to the skull throne, and corn to the cornflakes, then you can head over to Steam and grab the DLC for €2,5/$2,5. Do bear in mind, however, that this DLC may raise the age restriction of your game, and while I'm not certain if that's ever going to affect you negatively, its still worth pointing out.

Total War: Warhammer's Blood for the Blood God DLC brings forth a lot of gore