World of Warcraft Update 8.2.5 screenshot of Thrall, Anduin and Saurfang

[Update]: World of Warcraft devs have now released a lengthy preview of the upcoming Patch 8.3

While nowhere near as big as the previous content patch, Update 8.2.5 has now brought with it the climactic end of the War Campaign, as well as the long-awaited model reworks for both Worgen and Goblins. There's also a brand new bee mount for the Alliance to acquire, a variety of minor changes and tweaks, and perhaps most importantly, the ability for higher level players to quest with lower level ones through the new Party Sync option!

The Party Sync option will scale higher level players down to the maximum level of whatever expansion the lower level player is currently exploring. So if your friend is level 21, you will be scaled to level 60 while playing with them. This might sound pointless as level 60 players can absolutely annihilate level 21 enemies, but due to the way WoW handles scaling, both you and your friend will always be fighting against level-appropriate and at least somewhat challenging enemies.

Naturally, the Party Sync system also gives you the option to be on the same quests and quest phase as your fellow party members. However, if you've already completed any of the quests, worry not as you will have the option to replay them as many times as you like, though you will only be able to receive their reward once per day. Long story short, it's a pretty good system that makes playing with lower level friends actually enjoyable!

When it comes to the War Campaign finale, it's a little bit of a mess, as is tradition. I won't go into any details in order to avoid spoilers, as much as I would love to blabber on about the overall story, but what I will say is that Blizzard's cinematic department has once again knocked it out of the park. The two cinematics shown throughout this update are both absolutely gorgeous, and even if you're not interested in World of Warcraft, I'd still highly recommend checking them out just because of the animation alone.

You can read more about Update 8.2.5, as well as World of Warcraft itself, over at the official website.