World of Warcraft's WoW Token

For those of you that might not know, WoW Tokens arrived in 2015 as a way for players to exchange in-game gold for 30 days of World of Warcraft game time. As you might imagine, this little experiment ended up being a massive success, and even though World of Warcraft's economy is in a constant state of inflation the WoW Token brought some much-needed value to the otherwise useless gold.

But now things have become even more interesting! In a recent update Blizzard has made it so you can transform your WoW Tokens into Battle.Net Balance, which is a fancy way of saying that you can now purchase Blizzard games and in-game items with World of Warcraft gold. If you're wondering how all of this works, here's the recently posted Blizzard video:

While this is an amazing change that is bound to get quite a few of you excited, I would suggest you don't purchase any WoW Tokens with gold for the time being. The price is currently insanely high because everyone is desperately trying to get their hands on them, but eventually interest will die down and the Token price will settle on a more reasonable price point. On the other hand, if you feel like spending real money for in-game gold, now would be the best time to do so for obvious reasons.

As a side note, it is worth mentioning that you don't have to spend your Battle.Net balance on the games themselves. You can also use it to purchase in-game cosmetics from the World of Warcraft store, card packs in Hearthstone, heroes and skins in Heroes of the Storm, loot boxes from Overwatch's currently ongoing event, and so forth.

You can follow the constantly changing price of WoW Tokens over at Just make sure you buy when the price is low, and sell when its high. The difference isn't massive, but there is really no reason to rush things given how predictably the price rises and falls.