Heroes of the Storm's Lunar Festival Monkey King skin for Samuro

While Overwatch's Year of the Rooster update has added some new cosmetics, balance changes, and even a new game mode, Heroes of the Storm's update is a bit more humble. The Lunar Festival brings with a bunch of new and festive cosmetics, as well as a new daily event that you can complete for gold and eventually a rather fancy rooster mount. In other words its only cosmetics, but at the very least they appear to be of a high quality.

But perhaps the best part of this whole event is the brief trailer Blizzard released to showcase some of the skins and map decorations. And if you're wondering when exactly Heroes of the Storm added the Monkey King as a playable hero, the answer would be never, because its actually just Samuro in an elaborate monkey costume! With that lovely image now stuck in your head, here's the video:

The Lunar Festival will last until February 14th, so you should have plenty of time to complete the Rooster Race event 25 times in order to permanently grab the rooster mount. You aren't guaranteed to see the Rooster Race every time you start a match, however, so try not to leave things until the last day as never know how luck will treat you. To find out more about the Lunar Festival you can head over to the official website.