World of Warcraft transmogrification sets tab

For those of you that haven't played World of Warcraft in quite a while, the transmogrification system allows you to replace the appearance of your weapons and armor with the appearance of items you've previously collected. While the system itself is perfectly fine, the list of armor pieces and weapons is nigh impossible to browse through on older characters given that they have pages upon pages of items that all have incredibly similar icons.

This little annoyance will thankfully be getting fixed with Patch 7.2 as Blizzard is planning to add a "Sets" tab to the transmogrification system. The idea is to allow players to quickly and easily scroll through all of the available sets for their class, see which items they have collected, and then simply take on that appearance with the click of a button. No more scrolling through pages of junk in order to hunt down all 8 parts of a set!

Naturally, all of the same restrictions apply. So even though you can preview sets it doesn't mean you can actually equip them until you gather all of the necessary pieces. On the positive side, the new transmogrification system will let you know where exactly that item drops, and more importantly, if there are any other items that use the same appearance. Now that is a pretty damn nifty feature!

All of this will arrive with patch 7.2, but if you don't feel like idly waiting you might want to grab a friend and head into Heroes of the Storm as Blizzard is currently running a special promotion. By playing 15 games with a friend as a Warcraft hero you will unlock a Primal Flamesaber mount for WoW, as well as the Flames of Judgement Charger mount for Heroes of the Storm. You don't even need to win these 15 games, the only catch is that you have to do all of it by March 14th. You can find a brief guide, as well as more information, by heading over here. And finally, here's the mount in question:

World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm promotion mount Primal Flamesaber