World of Warcraft: Legion screenshot of Xavius

[Update]: The patch has now gone live, which alongside the new 100% increased experience gain event, makes it the perfect time to give WoW another try.

The Legion expansion and its various raids feature some of the most amazing class-based sets World of Warcraft has ever seen. Unfortunately, farming those sets is currently a bit of a nightmare due to Personal Loot. Instead of killing a boss and then simply looting a raid's worth of items from them, Personal Loot makes it so you only get a single item every couple of bosses, and that item might not even be what you were looking for.

As such, I am delighted to announce that Blizzard is bringing in 'Legacy Loot' for Legion dungeons and raids. Essentially, Legacy Loot makes it so raid and dungeon bosses drop the maximum amount of loot regardless of your group size, which in the case of raids means five items per boss. So if you can solo some of the Legion raids, or even complete them with a small group, you'll have a much greater chance of acquiring the exact items you need.

You won't have to wait for too long in order for these changes to arrive either, as Blizzard has said they'll be coming alongside the next server reset. In other words, expect to see Legacy Loot on March 31st in the US region, and April 1st in the rest of the world.

Have fun revisiting some of the old raids, and good luck with those fancy tier sets!