World of Warcraft screenshot of Xavius

If you're a fan of collecting cosmetic armor sets in World of Warcraft, this should be a pretty good week for you. As a part of the recent update, Blizzard has made it so Legion raids and dungeons now follow the 'Legacy Loot' system, which should make it considerably easier to acquire those fancy tier sets.

Basically, what Legacy Loot means is that instead of only getting one piece of personalized loot every couple of bosses, each boss will now drop an entire raid's worth of items for you and your group. Naturally, these items might not be usable for your class, but even so, the odds of you getting what you want will be heavily increased simply due to the amount of loot involved.

So should you want to optimize your transmog runs, it would be prudent to bring a couple of friends along with you. As long as you make sure that you're all looking for different pieces of gear (cloth/leather/mail/plate), you'll be able to steamroll all of the bosses and ensure that all of the items end up finding a grateful owner.

It's also worth mentioning that the 100% increased experience event will be running until April 20th, so if you have any class you want to level and spruce up, this would be the ideal time to do so. I've leveled a mage from 1-120 in about a week of somewhat casual play purely through quests alone, so it's definitely possible to get them geared up and ready to delve into Legion raids before the month's over.

Whatever your choice may be, I wish you the best of luck as those Legion sets really are gorgeous!