Shadowlands lo-fi parody Venthyr artwork

[Update]: World of Warcraft's major Update 9.1 - Chains of Domination is going up for testing on the week of April 12, 2021.

Despite the previous round of nerfs, there are still some Mythic+ dungeons in Shadowlands that are far, far harder than their competition. Nowhere is this more apparent than in The Necrotic Wake and it's second boss Amarth. On Tyrannical weeks where bosses are more powerful the skeletons he frequently summons are capable of nearly one-shotting DPS players, while the amount of unavoidable damage thrown around is enough to make even the mightiest of healers suffer a bit of a breakdown.

As such, I am very pleased to say that Blizzard has now not only toned down some of The Necrotic Wake's brutality, but also extended the same treatment to other problematic bosses in both Mythic+ dungeons and the Castle Nathria raid. Plaguefall's Margrave Stradama will now be a lot gentler on healers, Sanguine Depths' first two bosses will deal a bit less damage, while the Spires of Ascension's final trash pack will no longer be twice as deadly as the boss itself.

When it comes to Castle Nathria, the Council of Blood has had their damage reduced by up to 20% in smaller raid sizes to reduce some of the immense pressure on healers. Sludgefist on the other hand has scored nerfs specifically for his Mythic difficulty variant, with some abilities receiving a surprisingly hefty 35% damage reduction.

Furthermore, to ensure Mytic progression in Castle Nathria remains relatively smooth, Blizzard has also reworked and nerfed the Stone Legion Generals fight. They not only have less health and deal less damage, but the new changes have made it so he fight is impossible to cheese by exploiting 'blind spots' while simultaneously making it much more consistent and predictable between attempts. The fight will still be remarkably difficult, as you might expect from the penultimate boss, but at least it'll be nice and fair from now on.

To learn more about these changes, as well as check out the exact numbers behind them, you should head on over to the official website.