World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth official artwork and logo

To say that World of Warcraft has had a big impact on the game industry would be one hell of an understatement. Its success singlehandedly reshaped the MMO genre and inspired dozens of companies to try their own hand at a theme park MMO, none of which have managed to topple World of Warcraft despite it being around for 14 years now.

So if you're wondering what exactly made World of Warcraft so special, as well as what sort of challenges the developers had to overcome along the way, I would highly recommend you check out the recently posted 'interview' by Wired. The video is fairly long, but if you're a fan of Warcraft or game development in general, it's well worth the time. Have a gander:

I can't tell you anything else about World of Warcraft's development, but if you're interested in a similar (albeit shorter) video about Overwatch you should head on over here. The brief developer preview shows off some of the earlier Overwatch footage, hero concepts, and the troubles the Overwatch team had along the way. It's a fascinating look into how Blizzard handles their games, so once again I would highly recommend giving it a look. Enjoy!